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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Taste of Voodoo

As you may or may not know i am a Louisiana creole, and as often seems to be the case i have a bit of magic running through my blood. so when i recently visited NOLA i gathered some spanish moss, prepared and dried it and brought it back for a natural creation material. Once home I gathered up some local natural materials, and so I found myself ready to make voodoo dolls. Don't be fooled these are the real thing and not meant for toying with. Each one is filled with the intention of the dolls design and i find that i cant make more than one in a day. Its a very interesting process that i find i enjoy.

This is the queen of hearts. She is meant to draw love to you or help you keep the love you have
I gave it to my friend Ryan before he headed to his new home. 

 This one I made to myself. She is for bringing health which i could sure use some more of

 This particular gaudy girl is meant to bring wealth, here's to hoping :)
There will soon be more I am sure. If you would like to order one of your own be sure to hit me up and i can begin its creation.

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