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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Bliss Wear Unlimited Jewelry

Here's my newest batch of Jewelry available for purchase using paypal, add $2.00 for shipping costs. 
If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase please contact me at Bliss wear unlimited. If you would like to see my full selection of jewelry and other artistic creations please visit my page at Bliss Wear Unlimited

Wire wrapped beads, leather and chain with a compass rosette pendant. 

A beautifully detailed dragon fly on wire wrapped beads and chain.

Glass, metal and gems. This simple but elegant necklace has a unique grid of diamond gems as its pendant. 

Three strands of pastel glass beads with a metal and acrylic pendant. 

wire birds nest with seed 'eggs' on three strands of wooden beads. A guaranteed conversation piece.

Chain leather and puka shells move beautifully with you on this whimsical necklace.

Chunky glass beads with a classic bronze locket.

This steam punk octopus necklace is hung by a uniquely shaped chain and has a dangling chain tail on the pendant.

Pleather and chain with a front toggle graced with a filagree heart. 

Wire wrapped beads, chain and a rustic unique key grace this delicate necklace.

Three strands of chunky glass beads with a metal and acrylic pendant. 

This feather, wire wrapped beads and leather necklace is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection, it is unique and flattering to the bust line.

Chain and feathers add glamour to any outfit. 

Feathers, chain and a puka shell all hung from a sterling silver french hook.

Monday, August 13, 2012

On the draw

So life has been hectic for a while and I have not been able to draw or do any of my other art forms for a little while. Let me tell you its been a small taste of hell. I just need to create or life feels a little off, colors a little dimmer. So what follows are some drawings I just whipped up with a tattoo theme in mind (and a couple of doodles). All of them are tattooable but only with a bit of tweaking, this was done deliberately, if you would like to use them for tattoo designs please feel free to contact me and I can make the necessary changes needed for a small design fee. For all others, please enjoy the art and I would love to hear your questions or comments.

Sometimes you just need to draw a chicken.
And isn't he just doodle-tastic

I love using eyes in my work and this one just developed into a maori type design around it.

And again we have a chicken, not quite sure why I have chicken on the brain but there you have it.
It could also be easily tweaked into a different type of bird with a quick redraw.

This piece is intended for the top of the arm if it were to be placed as a tattoo.

 Flowers and swirls, how can you go wrong?

 And here is one of the doodles I mentioned earlier, feel free to interpret whatever my subconscious mind may have been saying in this one.

 Even though it came from my mind I find this one a bit intriguing. 
"Tentacle and eye"
I hope you enjoyed my recent work, hopefully there will be more coming soon so keep a look out :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Firefly Inspired art projects

"Each year the Firefly Arts Collective organizes their defining event, Firefly is an interactive, multi-day, ourdoor arts and cultire festival that is rooted in creative individual participation, not spectatorship, inspired by the principles of Burning Man. Since the first Firefly in 2003 the event has grown and evolved, becoming the epicenter for participatory art, intentional community and a vital for for self expression."

 Elephant mask

 Tiger Visor

Mouse Visor

 Zebra mask that I will wear when I am the prey for the Retarded Lion's Camp person hunt

 Lion glasses for my friend in the Retarded Lion's Camp

Butterfly visor

Front of my Camp LAMP hat

Collage for the art exhibit at Camp LAMP

A sneak peak at the Camp LAMP, lamp

 Black light reactive acrylic painting for the gallery

'Pimp my wings' the pair on top is how the wings came 
and the bottom pair is my upgrade

A LAMP crown fit for a queen. 
Clips into the hair and ties onto the head.

Flower queen head band with black light reactive yarn

 Bat headband with added sequins

 Butterfly head band upgraded. 
It's super shiny hence the poor photo.

 Cat hair clip

'The eyes have it'
casual LAMP shade.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bliss Wear Unlimited give away

I only need one more 'like' on my page to trigger the free contest. Once I reach 200 or more members of Bliss Wear Unlimited EVERY member will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive the FREE item of their own choosing, up to a $15.00 value with FREE shipping! What could be easier? Like my page and you could get some free swag :). Please share the page as well, there will be another free contest once I reach 300 members. So what do you do? Like and share Bliss Wear Unlimited and I do the rest. Good luck to all my members :)

Here's a small taste of the things you have to choose from if you win:

Want some free earrings?
Or a free high quality print on 100% cotton paper?

Are you a fan of Dave Matthews? You could win this acrylic stash box.

Or how about this lovely hand sewn flower hair clip with resin embedded image. There are so many things to choose from I couldn't begin to represent them all here. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

10% off sale

Gotta pay Triple A, Sale: All products on my page are 10% off. That includes fine art to crafts, jewelry to stash jars. If you want something artsy and hand made, you can probably find it here, or custom order it. Discount DOES apply to custom orders too :) Bliss Wear Unlimited

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


And slowly the pain returns. Stalking on clawed paws razor sharp. Reality fades chemicals shift Fear becomes reality. This mind seeks freedom from this body.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Occupy Movement

‎"If recent documents obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) are any indication, the Occupy Movement continues to be monitored and curtailed in a nationwide, federally-orchestrated campaign, spearheaded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)."

For those who know Occupy, it is understood that we are being "monitored and curtailed." For those who Occupy, it is understood that the Police are dressed in Black clothing, bandannas over their faces breaking windows and blaming it on the Black Bloc. We pay taxes to support Police Officers, yet face their riot gear and batons with regularity head on and then again behind the scenes trying to "curtail" us. This is how our government is targeting people who are protesting them. Our taxes are paying for this, the trampling of our Rights given to us as human beings, ratified in our Constitution protecting our ability to speak out, the freedom of journalists to report it. This is wrong, whether you Occupy or not.