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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Firefly Inspired art projects

"Each year the Firefly Arts Collective organizes their defining event, Firefly is an interactive, multi-day, ourdoor arts and cultire festival that is rooted in creative individual participation, not spectatorship, inspired by the principles of Burning Man. Since the first Firefly in 2003 the event has grown and evolved, becoming the epicenter for participatory art, intentional community and a vital for for self expression."

 Elephant mask

 Tiger Visor

Mouse Visor

 Zebra mask that I will wear when I am the prey for the Retarded Lion's Camp person hunt

 Lion glasses for my friend in the Retarded Lion's Camp

Butterfly visor

Front of my Camp LAMP hat

Collage for the art exhibit at Camp LAMP

A sneak peak at the Camp LAMP, lamp

 Black light reactive acrylic painting for the gallery

'Pimp my wings' the pair on top is how the wings came 
and the bottom pair is my upgrade

A LAMP crown fit for a queen. 
Clips into the hair and ties onto the head.

Flower queen head band with black light reactive yarn

 Bat headband with added sequins

 Butterfly head band upgraded. 
It's super shiny hence the poor photo.

 Cat hair clip

'The eyes have it'
casual LAMP shade.