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Monday, August 13, 2012

On the draw

So life has been hectic for a while and I have not been able to draw or do any of my other art forms for a little while. Let me tell you its been a small taste of hell. I just need to create or life feels a little off, colors a little dimmer. So what follows are some drawings I just whipped up with a tattoo theme in mind (and a couple of doodles). All of them are tattooable but only with a bit of tweaking, this was done deliberately, if you would like to use them for tattoo designs please feel free to contact me and I can make the necessary changes needed for a small design fee. For all others, please enjoy the art and I would love to hear your questions or comments.

Sometimes you just need to draw a chicken.
And isn't he just doodle-tastic

I love using eyes in my work and this one just developed into a maori type design around it.

And again we have a chicken, not quite sure why I have chicken on the brain but there you have it.
It could also be easily tweaked into a different type of bird with a quick redraw.

This piece is intended for the top of the arm if it were to be placed as a tattoo.

 Flowers and swirls, how can you go wrong?

 And here is one of the doodles I mentioned earlier, feel free to interpret whatever my subconscious mind may have been saying in this one.

 Even though it came from my mind I find this one a bit intriguing. 
"Tentacle and eye"
I hope you enjoyed my recent work, hopefully there will be more coming soon so keep a look out :)

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