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Friday, December 23, 2011

Flower power

Its been a while since I've posted I know, but I have been busy none the less :)
I started off the night finishing up my altered fish purse made from a beanie baby. I lined it with orange polyester, sewed in the liner and zipper by hand and was lucky enough to find a buyer in the same night. The universe was kind to me last night.

Despite pricked and sore finger tips I still had the urge to sew so I decided to make some flowers. It was a good relaxation exercise to undertake while watching random shows on Hulu. In their current incarnations as slightly unfinished they could be made into hair clips, headbands, a crazy over the top piece of jewelry or a patch. I haven't decided what they will each become yet. I expect they will tell me what they want to be ;)
Each one is hand stitched to a felt back ground for added stability. Each center piece is a hand hammered bottle cap with a resin imbedded image for image permanence. The unicorn piece is sprinkled with glow in the dark glitter for a little added fun.

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