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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monster Returns, the mini-saga

I know this isn't about art, but its probably one of the most important things that has happened to me in a long time so I felt that I should share it here. 

I was sitting in my room making jewelry, chatting on facebook and watching a movie on Netflix. A typical sleepless night. Out of no where I hear Monster's meow, there isn't another one like it. I call out her name and she meows again and then a third time. I know i can't put this one off to an auditory hallucination. But why did it sound like it was coming from my room? i tore the place apart looking for her, but found nothing. My heart pounding a little faster I went back to what I'd been doing.
Then again I heard her voice, i called back and she answered, i kept this up following the sound of her voice through the house. She sounded so close! I came to the front door and again she called to me. My ears could hear her but my eyes betrayed me in the inky blackness. I couldn't see her anywhere and she would not come into the house on her own.
I put out some food and went back to my room unsure as to my next move. After what I will admit was a short while, i got back up and went outside in stocking feet with nothing warm but a hoody and started calling her name.
i went into the dark, following her voice as she hid under cars while calling out to me. Then i heard her voice in the barn. She had slipped in through the crack under the door. I of course followed her in calling the whole time as she called back.
i got so close to her i know if i'd had a light i could have grabbed her.
i crawled over broken glass and through tight rusty shelving units, all the while getting closer to her voice...
then she stopped talking. I froze. I couldn't stop now. So i decided to wait her out. I knew she was determined to come home tonight or she wouldn't have kept calling for me.
so i laid down in the middle of the barn with all the lights off and just started a dialogue with her about how i missed her and it was time to come home. Every once in a while i would call out her name.
She started answering me again. i heard her outside the barn so i rushed out and pulled the door closed behind me.
her voice echoed across the property and i honed in on it, slowly echo locating it brought me to a pile of wood. i crawled into the pile talking to her the whlole time in soothing tones as she called back.
finally i got her to rub her head on my hand and i grabbed her as fast as i could.
she half heartedly struggled and then clung to me for dear life as i ran back to the house and into our room where i deposited her on the bed. she hopped down and ate some food which made me soo happy. If she's feeding herself and hungry despite how emaciated she is, i know that she can get better. 
And now here she sits on my lap as I type this purring away.

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