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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some tattoo designing fun

Among other things as a tattoo lover I enjoy designing flash for friends and whomever asks really lol. I like to play with the styles and actually designed quite a few very cutesy tats because frankly I don't think there are enough silly designs in the world. Most designs do still tend to be directed towards men, even today, so thats what motivated me to make girly tattoos :)

This tattoo idea was a design that I did for a suicide girl to get her children's names in the banners.
This was a custom design for a writer in my life. 

This was designed both on and off the computer. Some day it will grace the top of my left thigh.

Yay girly tattoo!

With this last dragon that I drew i have never seen a dragon drawn with truly hot flames so I decided to give blue and white flame a chance and i really like the way that it turned out. 
This is  a small collection of my tat designs cause this blog could go on forever if I kept adding them all but if anyone would like to see some more let me know and I can post them.
Have a great day everyone :)

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