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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Geek Chic has arrived :)

I have a lot of friends who play Magic. I have never been able to get into it myself but I've always thought the dice were really pretty. The other day i was at a friends house staring at a pumpkin filled with Magic dice and it occurred to me, I can totally wrap those and make jewelry! So I sifted through and pulled out the prettiest ones I could find and here we are many wraps later and I finally found a way to participate with my friends in their game. Yes its an unconventional way but a way none the less.
Then I had another idea. I love computer components and have used them in art for years. I was looking at an outdated memory chip when I realized then that I could wrap that too and it would look really cool.
So now we have it Geek Chic jewelry :) I hope that you like what I have cause this is just the beginning *maniacal giggle*

All of the pieces have toggle closures, they are wrapped in either steel, or base metal and strung with all glass beads.