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Friday, April 29, 2011

The ruins of Discordia

This painting was one begun with no intentions other than to paint. 
I was at Valentine's Day art workshop at CoSM where we were supposed to be making an art piece together with the one we loved but my One had some unstoppable inspiration to continue work on his first ever acrylic painting so I wasn't gonna do anything but encourage that. While he was working on that I kept myself busy :)
I first laid down a coat of red paint over the entire canvas because it isn't a background color that I usually choose. Then I just sat and rotated the canvas until something begged to be filled in. It all started with the tree, it sprouted from the cliff that then rose from the ocean. As I was staring at the painting i could see the lines of a woman in the tree so she became a ruined statue that the tree had grown around. And what does a ruined statue need more than a ruined temple to go around it. So in came the little details of moss, crumble and age. I then saw that something was missing and because of my wonderful friend Nicole I knew the story or Discordia and realized that my painting was missing a golden apple. I painted the apple in where it dangles both from the tree and from the fingers of ruined Discordia herself. So there's a little taste of that days creative process. It is always different from day to day, hour to hour and moment to moment and of course relies heavily on the medium I'm working with. 

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